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About Radiology Services Online

About Us

Radiology Services Online was founded in 1992 to advance the use of DICOM images, push the boundaries of Electronic Medical Records, and further the development of advanced technologies for secure data sharing via the Internet. In the ensuing years, we have partnered with many medical providers and services to bring internet accessible diagnostic images and data management solutions to radiologist and medical centers, large and small.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to embrace new technology, while providing innovative proven solutions and value to every customer we serve. Our goal is to provide the very best image management solutions possible and to offer customer-centric support that ensures the satisfaction of every client.

Our solutions have been developed at the request of our partner medical providers and our technology choices have been driven by their needs. Whether the goal is to improve workflow, broaden access to data or speed the flow of information, we work hand-in-hand with medical practitioners who have information problems to solve and highly skilled technical experts who have the expertise to develop the solutions needed.

Simply put, our mission is to solve your medical imaging problems.


From start to finish our exams used to take up to 48 hours to complete, but with this system we had it done in just under an hour and a half including the reports.
- Erin Patterson

It was really amazing. My tech brought in his films at 3:45 and by 5:17 all of them (about 19) had been digitized to the site, read and reported on and provided to the facilities (via fax)... that is stunning... it just doesn't happen.
- Sherry

We normally take a minimum of 24 hours for a verbal wet read. This was a completed report within 7 minutes.
- Tracey Barrett

Looking Forward

Having developed many customized solutions, we have a wealth of technology available for immediate deployment. Our Cloud technology enables us to provide most organizations with Cloud Image access in 48 hours or less. We can even integrate with existing EMRs and equipment.

Because our services require no special equipment or IT support, our customers can make better use of existing office space. We provide redundancy, security and support and disaster recovery for all our services.

Going forward, we will continue to provide cost-effective Cloud-based services for medical Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), providing convenient, economical access, transport and archiving of images from multiple modalities (like CT or MRI). This radiology PACS system is HIPAA-compliant, incorporates DICOM standards and can be accessed on PC or MAC as well as mobile platforms like iPad and Android.

But more than just providing the technologies that we've pioneered and become comfortable with, we will continue to challenge ourselves with new solutions to new problems. To that end, we invite medical organizations with imaging problems to solve to contact us and give us YOUR challenge. We look forward to new problems to solve.

Our Partners

7Oceanz provides Radiology Services Online services to organizations in South America and the Caribbean.

XRayScan provides medical x-ray film scanning services, x-ray film digitizers and software.

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