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Cloud Solutions

RSO's Cloud Solutions for medical applications provide streamlined operations, improved efficiencies, reduced cost and better patient care. Whether you're a mobile X-ray provider or a small hospital or radiology practice, we have a cost effective medical image hosting solution and/or document management solution for you. Our solutions are internet accessible, and based upon monthly subscription usage.

Our medical imaging cloud can bring diagnostic quality images to your EMR system. Both EMR vendors and medical organizations with established in-house EMR systems can benefit from our quick and easy addition of medical images to your existing EMR.

In addition, we also provide customized solutions for pharmaceutical and clinical trials, as well as other applications.

Medical Image Hosting

MediCle Cloud medical image hosting for individuals

Document Management

How can the RSO Cloud Help Your Health Care Organization?

We're here to help you find your way into the cloud. We'll look at your current infrastructure and determine what changes need to be made to get it ready for medical images and medical records in the cloud.

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