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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality Assurance

Q: What is the standard of RSO's reporting?
We adhere to the highest possible standards. RSO has fully licensed medical experts and radiologists to interpret the data and images and write reports. Our reports are consistently rated excellent by our clients.

Q: What if the treating physician is dissatisfied with the report's content or quality?
If the treating physician is not satisfied with the report, RSO will have a re-read and follow-up report done specifically addressing the treating physician's concerns at no additional cost. RSO is dedicated to its clients' complete satisfaction, whether it is the content or quality of the report, your satisfaction is paramount.

Q: How is a report sent for a re-read and how long will it take for the response?
It is all done electronically. You indicate on the patient's information log that you are sending the report back for a re-read; you describe the reasons for the re-read and highlight the fields that require rework. Although the occurrence of this is very rare, it normally takes less than 24 hours (same day).

Q: Is there any charge for a re-read?
No. There is no charge unless the issue is outside of RSO's area of responsibility (poor quality scan/x-ray/image, etc.)


Q. How long does it take to get a report?
Within the same day (24 hour period or less). If you have not received the report within that 24 hour period, call us as the problem is likely an issue with your computer equipment. The 24 hour period as the outside timing is always honored by us.

Q: Are the reports the same quality as the original data/x-ray/image?

Q: Can I get a hard copy report as well as electronic?
Yes. We save the report on a computer and it can be printed at any time.

Q: Can I get a copy of the report in the future?
Yes. RSO archives all reports in database servers and any report can be viewed, printed or otherwise used in the future.

Q: Is the study report a STAT report?
No. If the patient is in an emergency situation and a STAT report is required, the reading and interpretation should be done locally. We can do non-emergency STAT reports on an accelerated basis if needed.

Equipment Needed

Q: What equipment will we need?
If you have a computer with internet access then you have all you need. This is a zero footprint system.

Getting Started

Q: How do we get started?
Each site provides a list of users to us. We will set up the accounts and issue passwords as needed. That is IT!

Q: What new responsibilities will this place on my staff?
The workload on your staff will be substantially reduced. Simply enter the request for a report and we do the rest.

Q: If our site is still using plain film, can we use the web application?

Q: Can we have Radiology Services Online digitize and store our old films to free up space in our file room?
Yes. There is a one-time fee for the archiving of old images and patient record creation.

Q: Can we send you comparison films with the current exam? If yes how many?
Yes. You may send the comparison films if they are available. If there is a previous report done with us, refer to its identification number and we will manage everything from that point.