Hosted Medical Images for Professionals

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Medical Image Hosting

Radiology Services Online provides comprehensive web-based storage, exchange and interpretation of images for radiology providers. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution offers a proven Cloud application that replaces the need for expensive PACS equipment.

Mobile X-ray/Ultrasound Providers

RSO unites the radiologist, the technician and the facility to create a fast, versatile and economically viable solution, which enables the images and data to be seen and stored online. RSO automation has become a key factor in keeping costs down and increasing efficiency to help you remain competitive.

Radiology Practices in Small Hospitals

Hospitals, clinics, imaging centers and specialists can administer and distribute images regardless of whether they are previous, current or future vendors. Physicians have better access to images and reports with RSO's DICOM system. It allows them to make a faster diagnosis, potentially from anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

Clinical Trials and Pharma

Our mission is to provide cost-effective web technology that aids internal decision making and helps shorten time-lines for leaders in drug development. Radiology Services Online and AcceleDOCS can improve operational viability by bringing cost-effective, efficient Cloud Technology and Fuzzy Logic Text-based Search and Reporting Capability to your company to help speed research. Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies benefit by improved internal decision-making, shorter timelines and improved profit margins.

Electronic Medical Records

Radiology Services Online provide a linkable cloud computing module that enables EMR software to bring teleradiologists full Dicom zero-footprint online imaging with one login to your EMR software. There is nothing to buy, nothing to install, nothing to set up for users, so your support requirements are minimal.