For Resellers

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Reseller Opportunities

If you are healthcare solution provider, imaging equipment manufacturer, networking IT company or an independent sales professional who wants to capitalize on the growth within the medical IT market, then you owe it to yourself to explore the RSO Reseller opportunity.

You Can Resell Services in These Markets:
  • Diagnostic Imaging Services and Devices
  • Professional Tele-medicine Services
  • Mobile Health Care
  • IT Professional and Managed Services
  • Healthcare IT - Storage and Compliances Devices
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Small Hospitals and Clinics

Authorized Referral Resellers

RSO Authorized Referral Resellers can instantly generate revenue streams, simply by recommending RSO solutions and services to their current and potential customer base. In exchange for direct referrals, RSO assumes all customer relations, support and billing functions, while providing the referring reseller with a bonus based upon the size of the referral account. This arrangement provides an opportunity for organizations and others wishing to expand their product offerings, without incurring additional technical support costs.

Authorized Professional Resellers

RSO Authorized Professional Resellers who take on all customer related duties are rewarded with large margins, marketing support and in depth technical support. An RSO Professional Reseller is authorized to sell a self- branded version of our online medical imaging platform to your customers while you own and manage the relationship. For a minimal start-up fee we'll provide everything you need to start with your own self-branded service. You bill and manage the clients and we bill you. As your volumes go up, your costs go down! This approach allows hardware and software distributors to sell branded data archiving and PACS hosting services.

This enables you to acquire new lines of business and revenue with companies you're already catering to in the "medical imaging" market. The RSO Authorized Professional Reseller has the potential to earn more revenue as you become the point of contact to manage customers and invoice them for the service portfolio that you provide.

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